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Houston Pipeline Cleaning Services

Advanced Pipeline Cleaning Services

Coastal Chemical a Brenntag Company has been in business since 1958

N-SPEC the progenitor and world leader in pipeline cleaning services and Technology has been in business since 1995. N-SPEC is the first of the pipeline cleaning companies to do online cleaning using their own specially designed cleaning equipment, advanced pipeline cleaning chemicals and highly trained personnel.

Advanced Pipeline Cleaning

The buildup of solids or sediment in pipelines causes significant decline in operating efficiency, especially in deep water where depths and water temperatures already create a variety of flow problems. Our N-SPEC Team is the worldwide leader in pipeline cleaning online, removing waxes, asphaltines, hydrates, and other production-robbing solids that cause blockages in pipelines.

Hydrostatic Testing

Performed for newly constructed and existing pipelines, hydrostatic testing can be coordinated with our off-line cleaning program for surface discharge of hydrostatic test water. N-SPEC's hydrostatic test technicians are highly trained and experiences in all aspects of hydrostatic testing.

Fighting Pipeline Blockage

For Pipeline Cleaning, N-SPEC offers a full line of highly concentrated liquid surfactants, polymers, and dispersants specifically designed to fight pipeline blockages. N-SPEC chemicals effectively penetrate dense solids to reach the pipe surface and reduce the adhesive forces that bond line contaminants, cost effectively eliminating pipeline blockage without damaging the pipe for superior pipeline cleaning.

Flare Services

N-SPEC flares are designed for quick set-up to get your project up and running fast. Our 2 inch flare units are completely self-contained and can handle both liquid products and gas. Both the 6 and 12 inch flare units are designed to handle natural gas only. Combined with experienced on-site flare supervisors and the N-SPEC fleet of low and high pressure separation equipment, we can safely and reliably provide a 98% destruction rate during pipeline, plant cleaning and maintenance operations.

Expert Services

Backing up the N-SPEC product line is a team of highly trained specialists experienced in all aspects of pipeline cleaning and pigging. With the aid of our sophisticated computer software products, these specialists can provide customers with a broad range of technical services, including pipeline cleaning program design, solids monitoring during line cleaning, and laboratory services. N-SPEC can also provide customers with all the equipment needed for any job, including our proprietary pipeline-cleaning separator. With our pipeline-cleaning separator, pipeline operators can clean pipelines online or perform system improvements without ever shutting down operations.

Environmentally Responsible

Safe operations and protecting the environment are priority issues in design and engineering of any N-SPEC procedure. Our technical representatives are trained to engineer pipeline cleaning applications with the highest regard to both personnel safety and environmental protection.

A History of Global Service

Since 1997, N-SPEC® has cleaned thousands of miles of pipeline for hundreds of companies throughout the United States, Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, and South America. We also serve customers across Europe, literally saving millions of dollars for operations in Hungary, Belgium, and even under the Rhine River in Germany. On a recent job, N-SPEC® removed over 247,000 pounds of solids from 36 miles of 36-inch pipeline.

Originally developed by Coastal Chemical Company, L.L.C. (a subsidiary of the Brenntag group), N-SPEC® has been successfully applied since 1997 in cleaning crude oil, product pipeline as well as flow lines and gas lift wells at ~400 companies worldwide. The N-SPEC® experts were the first to recognize "black powder" contaminants and developed a unique surfactant blend to remove these deposits.

Brenntag is constantly investing in R&D to increase the portfolio of environmentally friendly N-SPEC cleaning chemicals, to be used both onshore and offshore, for various applications.

N-SPEC® is a registered trademark of Coastal Chemical Co., L.L.C.

Coastal Chemical Co., L.L.C. is a subsidiary of the Brenntag Group.


N-SPEC Application Examples

  • Natural gas pipeline
  • Gas pipelines for crude and processed products (onshore/offshore)
  • Product pipelines in refineries and petrochemical plants
  • Amine units in refineries
  • Glycol units in refineries

Services Offered

  • Technical Services
  • Online Pipeline Cleaning
  • Off-Line Pipeline Cleaning
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Pipeline Dewatering and Drying
  • Pipeline Chemical Treating
  • Pipeline Abandonment
  • Offshore Flow Line Cleaning
  • Pig Tracking
  • Glycol Dehydration Unit Cleaning
  • Ethanolamine Unit Cleaning
  • Heat Transfer System Cleaning
  • Gas Separation Unit/Vessel Cleaning
  • Flare Services
  • Pipeline Pigs
  • Equipment Rentals (Filter Separators, Pig Traps, Injection Pumps and more

For USA / Canada, please email to: egreenwood@brenntag.com
For Europe, please email to: peter.verkiel@brenntag.nl
For Mexico / South America, please email to: facosta@brenntagla.com

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